these are just picks from the today I'm wearing... forum on Asos. It amazes these caught my eye. Especially the photo posted by Fashion Hedonism (the second photo). Just truly stylish and that's that. 

Source: Asos


DIY Nail Art.
If you want a how-to for these check out: Nail Art Step by Step

source: Refinery29

Happy Earth Day!

Oceans is out!

I've Been Watching You.

I love these.
I honestly think I would kick my tardiness habit if I owned one of these wristwatches. Personal favorite 
is the very first one. These funky timepieces are really eye-catching.

source: asos


Ballet meets fashion. This fluid editorial showcases the effortlessness of draping of soft light fabrics to create classic a look. You truly don't need more than one color to be interesting when layer upon layers creates an
illusion of color and such a beautiful timeless effect. 

source: trendland

polar oppisites

Beautiful detail, this editorial is so sexy and still so stylish. From the slick hair to the classic 
heels. The Alexander McQueen tribute lives up to its title of Erotica.

source: fashion copious


I was just looking around and I have a habit of saving all the things that catch my interest onto my desktop...this its what I ended up with tonight. Mmmm shows how together I am! The last picture is of a guy that looks so much like a guy I know...well with about 7 more years on him. hmmmm. And I love the pink hair...I used to have it but it dyed over it! Absolutely in love with Warriors or Radness. The beach bum shorts are great. They have a windbreaker that I am obsessed with online...i feel like its a less circulated American Apparel...therefore i like it better. 

sources: Fashion Copious,, the ones to watch & Interview online

I need at least a few of these...

anthropologie's  shoe assortment...
there's so so much more I just can't get over the uniqueness and just the cuteness that is in all of their stuff!


O:Man SS10

Cool breeze.
these boys are looking good in the khaki matched with vibrant colors. But what's really cool is that the photo's used in 
Because magazine are actual stills from a video. So creative and makes great shots.
Go here to view the video. 

Pretending its summer.

Summer breeze makes me feel fine.
technically it's not time to be commenting on summertime wonder but down here it's felt like it for the past couple of days and i've been pining after the sunny season. But i guess I must wait but I can pretend....


éclectique & golden

A little risqué, a little youthful, a lot of femininity. 
this made me fall even more in love with gold. and remember the power of blue. I love all of the vintageness and the eclecticism that contributes to the artsiness. god I love this. so original, makes me want to go thrifting...I really need to find some places in my area!

source:fashion coutoure

It's April, fool!

April Showers bring May Flowers.
I love the airy pretty looks but I adore them when they're paired with punchy polkadots, or dark somewhat heavy colors or fabrics. such beautiful photos.

source: fashion copious