Mini Shopping Spree

A mini mid-week shopping spree pick-me-up on Thursday.
So I'm one of those girls who when I don't go digging through the clothing racks for a while I start going through withdrawals and spend hours sneaking some online "window shopping." Thankfully I got to take a detour on my home this week and hit the mall for a quickie to get me through the week. Even though I only got 5 things I am quite proud of my steals. 
At Anthropologie I've grown to be best friends with their amazing sale room and got my hands on 2 sweaters and a special little lightweight wrap all for under $100...Mostly because the bolero was defected and I got it for $9.96 but nothing a little fabric glue won't fix right? 
   What else? Oh yes jeggings! I was a bit spectacle at first but I love them and they go perfectly with my new boots. These guys may not last for a lifetime but for only $125 I consider it a decent deal.