Hello There.

So. I'm back. 
I doubt any one really missed me, considering the lack of readers and viewers of my little baby. But still, I feel like 
I ought to keep her going just in case it ends up benefitting me somehow, hey why not? It's fun!
Well, even though my life has been thoroughly packed with school, journalism, art deadlines, and, well, simply 
having a life, I've still been spending time skimming magazines, reading, watching, and of course, shopping 
for clothes/beauty. Also spending time in Austin with my sister has been my favourite thing this semester and 
I've been soaking up some ATX vibes which might just be the catalyst for this little endeavor. Whichever way, and 
for whatever reason, I've returned. And I'm feeling excited. 

For my first Little favorite, I give you the featherluxe® feather hair extension.
I got one in the beautiful 

and one-of-a-kind ATX. At Mana Culture. Of course I went to the boutique for the feathers (the girl who does them is
 really just using space at the boutique) but I was blown away by the unique, handmade jewelry they had, as well as 
clothes and shoes.

I love my feathers. You can choose from a ton of different colors and types to make a bundle for $20. Completely

worth the awesome feeling of having feathers in your hair, channeling the air element, and looking awesome. 
It's going to be a sad day when everyone starts to get them! So get them soon while it's still cool!


laurennicolelove.com said...

welcome back! you are adorable.

Elise said...

aw thank you so much!